OXA Carbon Fiber Quick Lock Trekking Poles Review

It gets to a point where your knees can no longer bear the effect of walking, trekking or hiking on a firm, rocky or mountainous ground. OXA 50% Carbon Fiber Quick Lock Anti Shock Trekking Poles can be a valuable partner in such situations. This trekking pole is designed to specifically meet your outdoor hiking, trekking or walking needs. It is convenient and easy to use and has an amazing light weight feel.


  • The poles are made of superior quality high carbon fiber. As a result each pole has a weight of around 7.5 oz.
  • Equipped with a quick lock system with three telescopic sections that can be easily adjusted.
  • The poles have a shock absorbing mechanism. They absorb the shock emanate as a result of the impact of the ground you are trekking, walking, or hiking on.
  • Soft and comfortable hand straps. The straps are padded, made of nylon and wide as well. The padding is specifically done using EVA foam.
  • The tips of the poles are made tungsten steel and can be replaced with no struggle at all.
  • Comes with added accessories such as a pair of mud baskets and rubber tip protectors.


Lightweight and Durable: It all comes back to the 50% carbon fiber in it. Carbon fiber is very light in weight and the pole weighs a mere 1lb per pair. On shipping the weight goes up to 1.25 pounds owing to the added accessories. Carbon fiber weighs much less compared to aluminum which weighs a whopping 9.1 oz.

As such if you are looking for a walking, trekking or hiking poles that are easy to carry along then the OXA 50% Carbon Fiber Quick Lock Anti Shock Trekking Poles are for you. They are also a one in a long time worthy investment that will serve you for long.

Convenient to Use on Varying Terrain Heights: This can be alluded to their easily collapsible telescopic design. They can basically be adjusted from a height of 25 to 53 inches. With this heights it does not matter how tall or short you are as well as the nature of your terrain.

Easy to Use: It does matter whether you have used one before or not. The quick lock system, makes them easy to lock in place. It comes in handy whenever you want to lock the adjustable height joints. So this will depend on your height and what works for you. The poles offer the kind of flexibility desired by hikers as well ordinary people.

Soft and Comfortable: This is due to the EVA foam strapping. So they are much easy to hold and the grip can last long without any impact being felt on the hands. In addition if your hands sweat they will automatically absorb the moisture. This leaves you feeling dry and comfortable. The most amazing part is the wrist wrap feature. You can conveniently have it wrapped around your wrists so you do not lose them.

Weather Friendly: If the weather is what is stopping you from grabbing a carbon fiber quick lock anti shock trekking pole then brush it off. These hiking poles can be used in varying weather conditions which include high altitudes and cold weather.

Customer Reviews

This product has been used by numerous people and the reviews are quite impressive. At the moment it has slightly over 30 reviews. Out of a possible 5 star rating the OXA 50% Carbon Fiber Quick Lock Anti Shock Trekking Poles scored a whopping 4.5 stars. Isn’t that awesome? Just to briefly highlight some of the positive reviews it got read below.

One customer said “I am scared of heights but these poles have solved my problem. I find them comfortable and easy to use”.

Another added that “This is an amazing pair of trekking poles at an affordable price. As a matter of fact they have been able to pay for themselves for the few weeks I have used them, in addition they are friendly to my old joints”.

On the negative side only one customer complained that the poles does not have any extra added features like a camera holder. However this is not a major drawback as it does not limit its overall effectiveness.


All in all the OXA Carbon Fiber Quick Lock Anti Shock Trekking Poles are just up to standard. The features such anti-shock, light weight, and wrist wrap come in handy anytime. The comfort that comes with it is worth the price. The manufacturer never compromised the quality of this product.

Jeremy Baker

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