iTovin Quick Lock Hiking Poles Review

Do you love trekking like me? If yes, then surely you are quite aware of the must have belongings to accompany you on the trek. Last season when I planned for a trek, I forgot to pack my trekking poles and that indeed put me in a big soup.

It is again a fact that the trekking pole I had was not congenial for my purpose as it was a bit heavy. But one of the my dearest friends introduced me with a new and smart trekking pole: the iTovin Quick Lock Hiking Poles. Certainly its extra ordinary features took my breath away. Undoubtedly , i liked the item and want to share my experience with you all.

Helps to Balance the Body Properly

The two trekking poles have a length of 25” to 53” which is highly alterable. The best thing is that iTovin Quick Lock Hiking Poles help to maintain the body equilibrium. It is made from 7075 aluminum, just like the Montem trekking poles, which not only makes it sleek and light, but also provides great support to the body. In addition to this, the flip lock in it tightens the poles thus assuring protection to the trekker. Along with that the enduring EVA hand-grip supported by the non- slip flexible wrist band clubbed with a tungsten steel helps to move smoothly even on the uneven topography as well.

Easy to Clean and Store:

Obviously trekking poles need a thorough cleaning process and for doing that it is good to dissemble all the parts of the poles. Then you need to splash running water to rid the dust and dirt off the poles. For precise cleaning, it is better to use a brush which will actually discard the grease from the grip. Once the cleaning process comes to an end, time to soak the water with the help of a clean dry cloth. Along with its easy cleaning process, I also found that it is easy to store as well. I have seen that it is better to store the iTovin Quick Lock Hiking Poles in a dry place. Even the best will be to keep that intact in a bag so that its tip can rest a bit. Apart from that, there is no hard and fast rule to maintain it, simply check its grip, wrist band from time to time. Make sure that its tip are fine, no structural anomaly took place. In case of any such issue it is better to get a new one.

Features and Specifications:

  • The iTovin Quick Lock Hiking Poles provides a delicate sweat free EVA grip
  • The tip is wrapped with a tungsten steel which gives safety on the steep surface
  • Both the poles have a weight of 0.6 Ib which is indeed quite little. The best part is that the lightweight poles can be carried easily without much stressing its tip.
  • It is available with a flexible length varying from 25 inches to 53 inches which can be conformed as required.
  • You will get two more sheaths for each of the poles.
  • The superb flip lock is something which actually secures your journey.
  • This pole is attached to a sturdy shaft compared to other available poles in supply.

Customer Reviews

The iTovin Quick Lock Hiking Poles are surely quite a good add on to the list of the frequent hikers. No more stumbling and fearing of the steeper ascents as these poles will be your ultimate guide.

Overall I came across two customer reviews while I was researching. It came into my notice that fifty percent of the customers have crowned the iTovin Quick Lock Hiking Poles as 4.2 stars out of five as an average. While the rest fifty percent have rated it as one star out of five.

One of the customers said that they are highly convinced with the poles. As it comes with a quick lock system along with rubber shafts. Over all, it is packaged nicely and gives a good warranty period as well.

While one of the other customer reviewed it differently. According to them the lock system is not actually a flip but comes with twist lock system.

Overall, I recommend it as a decent product and worth to purchase.


In short, the iTovin Quick Lock Hiking Poles are definitely a valuable one for the buyers. Hikers will love it because of its outstanding features and special flip lock system.

Jeremy Baker

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