BLUSOW Ultralight Anti Shock Trekking Poles Review

I was looking for flexible and sturdy anti shock walking and hiking poles for a long time. Finally I found them. The BLUSOW Ultralight Anti Shock Trekking Poles are the magic potion for all your sports and domestic needs. There are no other trekking poles that can give you comfortability during trekking, walking and hiking alike. Give these a whirl; I am willing to bet on it you won’t be disappointed.

Here are 5 reasons why these are one of the best anti shock trekking and hiking poles in the market.

BLUSOW Ultralight Anti Shock Trekking Poles

  1. They feature a sturdy make of lightweight aluminum
  2. Installed anti shock springs add more comfortability
  3. Length is adjustable according to user height
  4. Soft plastic grips
  5. Rubber tips and shoe caps make them comfy even on rough terrains
  6. They come with user directions for all types of surfaces

Sturdy Make with Shock Absorbers

The BLUSOW Ultralight Anti Shock Trekking Poles are sports grade poles that boast strength and durability. The locking system on each pair of poles is used to retract or extend the pole according to a user’s height. The poles are made of lightweight aluminum that extends up top 53 inches making your hiking experience a walk in the park. The anti-shock mechanism of these trekking poles and walking sticks hangs on skillfully installed springs in the poles. This cushions all the pressure from your body giving you additional balance in hiking or walking. When you hear the rave know that it is true, they are unique walking sticks to have.

Comfortability Guaranteed

The hiking poles transmit the weight of the body to the ground via the shaft. The grips are made of soft plastic or rubber rubber which perfectly cushions the weight of the user and protect them from blisters. The wrist strap is another additional support mechanism. The weight of the body is directed through the arms and the walking sticks, giving you an easy movement when you are struggling with a knee injury or out there hiking. During movement, the walking sticks combine with the arms to generate dynamic force and support, taking the load off the feet.

Navigating Steep Heights Made Easy

You will find these poles easy to hike with even on steep heights. The pressure on the knees is greatly reduced and they absolutely take the weigh off from the lower back. Technological innovation has taken these devices to the peak of perfection and you won’t feel the pressure of long distance walking or hiking. The wrist wraps that bind the person’s upper arms to the devices. This helps to increase balance and stability than would a simple walking stick. You will be glad you got them when you find out how they can withstand the most difficult hike.

Snow Mode

The snow nob enables you to adjust the mode so that you cannot sink in snow when walking with these sticks. This makes them perfect for a camping trip even in the snowy areas. Even for the elderly and disabled these walking sticks will make walking and hiking quite a seamless process. The manufacturers have really walked the walk and taken versatility and user friendliness to a whole new level with these walking sticks. Don’t be surprised when these become the benchmark for other model and brands.

Design, Look and Feel

They feel good and perfect in your hands, so comfortable and easy to use unlike other models of walking sticks. They are responsive and flexible and will exert only minimal pressure on you. The physical appearance of the trekking poles anti shock hiking walking/sticks doesn’t feel cheap despite their competitive price. They have been designed for every one; those with injuries, the elderly, and the hikers and lovers of nature.


The only con perhaps is that the BLUSOW Ultralight Anti Shock Trekking Poles do add some extra weight on your pack and might be a challenge for persons with injuries, but not exceedingly so. Be careful with the rubber tips as they can slip off unexpectedly and for this reason you need to carry with you spare rubber tips just in case. Alternatively you can reinforce the tips by with a little glue.

With every step you make during hiking or walking your safety and comfortability is guaranteed. I would certainly recommend these walking sticks for everyone.

Jeremy Baker

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